After many coversations with customers, we realized it would be nice to provide some creative ideas on how to serve some of our products, especially our dips and sauces like our famous T'hai coconut curry sauce, which has proven to be quite versatile.

Many of these serving suggestions have actually come from customers who have prepared wonderful dishes using our products. If you have anything that you feel you can add to our serving suggestions, please feel free to contact us with your "Four Sisters" food stories.
T'hai Coconut Curry Sauce:
We recommed warming the sauce up seperatley and pouring it over any kind of cooked seafood or chicken on a bed of rice or noodles. You can also finish a number of dishes with the sauce as well. Pour warmed sauce over any kind of steamed vegetable or pour into a stir fry at the end and serve over a bed of rice. Wow, Now you've got some flavour on your meal. Pour the curry sauce directly into steamed mussels in white wine and voila! T'hai Coconut Curry Steamed Mussles.
Peanut Satay Dipping Sauce:
Once again, this is a finishing sauce that works well with cooked chicken and rice or just incorporate directly with rice noodles and a few steamed vegetables. It also makes a great appetizer as a dipping sauce served warm in a bowl for cooked chicken skewers or fried tofu pieces.
Raw Vegan Sushi:
This is a tastey vegetarian delight that many customers buy to bring for their lunch at work. It stays fresh for about 4 days in the refridgerator so they just cut off as much as they like from the roll to eat. Raw Vegan Sushi makes a great appetizer for any party served with a dip of tamari or soy sauce and freshly grated ginger. My favourite sushi story is when one our older customers reported how everyone loved the Raw Vegan Sushi at her "Stitch and Bitch knitting party!"
Green Smoothie Drinks and Popsicles:
Four Sisters Green Smoothies are a delightfully wonderful green and healthy drink that work great as popsicles for kids any age. You can make them even cooler with some frozen blueberries or raspberries placed in the popsicle mold before pouring in the smoothie. We are hoping to provide these at the Farmers market this year. Hopefully we get some hot weather Sundays this summer to enjoy these very cool popsicles.

Parents love giving green smoothies to their kids because of all that great raw organic spinach (secret ingredient) that they are made with, and of course, no sugar, just fresh organic fruit and juice.

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to receive recipes that we like to share with our customers and thanks for choosing to buy Four Sisters healthy foods.

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