Christine and Stephanie 1966

Christine and Papa 1964

Erin the beach baby 1976

We really are four sisters that are passionate about food. Three of us are participating in the business of preparing and selling our healthy food products.

Stephanie - With the most professional experience out of all of us, has been working in the food business for the past 20 years. Now a personal chef and passionate foodie, Steph loves to talk food and has a talent for creating exciting flavour combinations.

Erin - Has been working in bakeries for the past 10 years and has a lot of experience with alternative grains such as spelt. She also has a passion for raw food creations and is well known at the market for her famous raw sushi.

Christine - Is a graphic artist by profession, but like her sisters, has a passion for food. Being a Mom helps her to find creative and tasty ways to serve healthy foods. She likes to make traditional foods like apple pies and borscht using all organic, local fresh ingredients. It would not be surprising to find her and her boys touring local farms, fishing in local waters and visiting the local farmers markets

Lori (Mom) - Usually you will always see their Mom at the saturday farmers market as well. Lori is becoming famous for her gluten-free muffins. She is always willing to help out, does a lot of behind the scenes work and grows much of the sister's herbs in her garden including the most awesome organic basil you have ever tasted.

Lesley - Is also an excellent cook and is currently running a heating and air-conditioning business with her husband. When she has time she likes to join her other three sisters at the farmers markets.

Thanks to Regional Contact for featuring us in their October 30, 2010 episode. Check out their wonderful presentation of the Four Sisters here: Regional Contact

Stephanie 1967

Stephanie and Lesley 1970

Mom and Erin 1975

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